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My biggest source of inspiration is definitely nature. There I feel that I am deeply one with nature and creation. In nature, my innermost self stops and it's as if my heart starts to beat in sync with nature. There I can get down to who I am and connect as if to the story that is being written right now.


I get to create, but only as a channel for what can be born through me. It's an adventure. It's an invitation. It's that I get to be a part of the mystery.


I don't have to know how to control or explain it myself, it can just be, and everyone is free to interpret the art and I get to invite others around the art together to wonder what exactly it is saying to me and you. Or what part this touches in you.


And all this so that we could be more alive. So that we could be who we were created to be. So that art could touch those areas that are still asleep or in a dormant state.


To come alive and visible! 

My story

I live with my family in the countryside of South Ostrobothnia. I am a self-taught artist and a mother of three wonderful children. I am currently doing art part-time. I move a lot in nature and that is my biggest source of inspiration. Even as a child I loved to draw, but sports took me away in my teenage years.


After the birth of the first child 10 years ago, many different sorts of texts and poems began to be born. It wasn't until later in 2020 that I discovered painting, which quickly became a powerful channel of creativity for me.

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